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We moved to Michigan in 2014 and fell in love with the scenery and the people. In 2016, we attended a Keuring event, which is a judging venue of Friesian foals, mares, and stallions. We were awestruck. We had only admired the horses in movies and were overwhelmed by their beauty up close. As spectators, we had tons of questions about the horses and the event and found the community willing to educate us. While talking to owners we soon learned that there was a need to support them and others in the equine industry with digital marketing and video support, so we’ve made that our mission.

We both love horses, we love road trips and we’d been looking for a way to work together. Seemed like a match made in heaven. SO, here we are, pooling our talents and passion, along with friends in the creative and tech industries, ready to support those in the Equine industry, starting with our Friesian friends.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Avatar, Sherlock and a Princess?

   Merry New Year.  It is the first day of the new decade and I just got home from watching Avatar 3D.  Next time, NO 3D.  I liked the movie but from time to time I had to take off the glasses because my eyes were burning (and they still are) AND I wanted to see all the beautiful colors.  The blues were accented by splashes of brilliant red and orange.
   I also have seen Sherlock Holmes.  Robert, it is SOOOO good to see you again.  I've heard some say the special effects were over the top.  I didn't think it was.  I liked the chemistry between Holmes and Watson and I hope we will get to see more of them in the future.
   Lastly, I have to comment on Disney's newest princess.  I felt the story was weak and TOO predictable.  I saw too much of Disney's other princesses and was really hoping to see a new story.  The artistry was good, but could have been better.  To bad the film had a 100+ million budget!  As a producer, I wonder where all that money went???  Oh well.  It is still making money, so lots of little girls are going to see it and I don't regret forking over my $15 to see it.  Hopefully, John and the rest of the team will learn from the Pixar successes and come up with a fresh story with the artistry of 2D.
Until next time.  Let your imagination be unlimited.

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  1. hello charl ( if i may call you charl )...i too saw princess and the frog and for the first time in my movie viewing life, walked out of a disney animated movie after 20 minutes! i felt bad but there is no escape from the fact that its storytelling was uninspired. maybe it was just me at 42 years of age and just lost my inner child. btw i used to be involved in animation from outside the US as a concept creator. i love the medium and im almost sure i can emphatize with you on this dream...we both got bit by the animation dream bug!