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We moved to Michigan in 2014 and fell in love with the scenery and the people. In 2016, we attended a Keuring event, which is a judging venue of Friesian foals, mares, and stallions. We were awestruck. We had only admired the horses in movies and were overwhelmed by their beauty up close. As spectators, we had tons of questions about the horses and the event and found the community willing to educate us. While talking to owners we soon learned that there was a need to support them and others in the equine industry with digital marketing and video support, so we’ve made that our mission.

We both love horses, we love road trips and we’d been looking for a way to work together. Seemed like a match made in heaven. SO, here we are, pooling our talents and passion, along with friends in the creative and tech industries, ready to support those in the Equine industry, starting with our Friesian friends.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Matter of the mouse.

No, not that Mouse, my computer mouse.  I know as soon as I post this people are going to tell me to switch to wireless, but this is where my sluggishness to chance comes in.  So I ask, why is the mouse cable so SHORT!!!!

I mean, really, they make these computer desks with all these nice compartments to house everything then I have to figure out where to move my computer so I can use the darn mouse.  It's not like it's an optional peripheral!  what's so hard about giving us a with a 5 or 6 foot cable?  Come on Logitech.  Help me out here.

Okay, I had to get that off my chest since this morning a Dell (yes, I have a PC) technician came out and replaced my mother board, RAM and power supply, so I am feeling a little bit under the pressure of re-running all my cables.  Thankfully, it was under warranty!

On another note, for those who have been sending kudos, well wishes and accolades in regards to this weekend's Washington Post article (for those who missed it, here is the online link to: Animation Odyssey ) I just have to say a big thanks.  Both the article and you words have been a huge boast.  To Stephanie Booth, the writer; the WP editor and their team; and especially Josh Selig and the rest of the Little Airplane Academy, this wouldn't have happened without you.

And finally, for those interested in programming for children, Little Airplane Academy will be holding their next event beginning on February 13th.  Everything about the weekend is so rich and rewarding.  So if you have thought about working in Children's Television, nationally or internationally, but don't know where to start, make the investment and attend!  I've attended twice and both times were unique and just as rich.  You will meet great people, be able to interact with Josh and the rest of the team, enjoy great food, and learn so much.  Here is their link: http://www.littleairplane.com/academy/

Well, enough gabbing for now.  Got to get back to this techy stuff!
As always, keep your imagination, unlimited!

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