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We moved to Michigan in 2014 and fell in love with the scenery and the people. In 2016, we attended a Keuring event, which is a judging venue of Friesian foals, mares, and stallions. We were awestruck. We had only admired the horses in movies and were overwhelmed by their beauty up close. As spectators, we had tons of questions about the horses and the event and found the community willing to educate us. While talking to owners we soon learned that there was a need to support them and others in the equine industry with digital marketing and video support, so we’ve made that our mission.

We both love horses, we love road trips and we’d been looking for a way to work together. Seemed like a match made in heaven. SO, here we are, pooling our talents and passion, along with friends in the creative and tech industries, ready to support those in the Equine industry, starting with our Friesian friends.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Facilitating the next generation animator

I am amazed at the reception I am getting for the story about my dream to build the next "Disney" studio, particularly at the number of young animators in the area who are dreaming big dreams.  They want to be animators.  It is the passion of their young lives.  I want the chance to make it happen.  When I watched Extreme Makeover (my first time), my eyes were filled with tears at the number of lives being touched by a couple and an older gentleman. They touched so many lives and became family to young people. The crew came in to make it so that the dream of being able to change young lives could be better and bigger. When I watched the crew and Tyler Perry working together, it reminded me that for this dream to become a reality, it will take many, not just a couple of us.  In Extreme Makeover, there were so many hands, donations by corporations and individuals all trying to make something better for a few, which will in turn affect a community!
So, here we are, building a place where the next generation animators will be nurtured, mentored and launched.  We need help finding those corporations, ad agencies, marketing firms who are looking for a firm that can produce world class animation, at a fraction of the cost, putting US animators to work!  That IS what is behind it all, jobs for the many talented people here in the Metro DC area AND vocational experiences for those students who dare to dream beyond their neighborhoods.

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